Summary for S.I.N

S.I.N The article began with the setting in UCSC were several students got together under one common goal and that was to create a group to support AB540 students in higher education. In this entry they state their struggles as students and the obstacles they faced when creating S.I.N. These students united because of a […]

Latest Draft of Research Paper

Rutilo Rodriguez Introduction Immigrants have long been part of America’s success as super power in the world, but in all its history it has never truly welcomed immigrants with open doors. To understand the criminalization of illegal immigrants we must begin to analyze multiple historical events that have taken place since the beginning of America’s […]

Research Paper

Military interference in Central America and how that relates to migration. My research paper will be about U.S interference in Central America and will focus on addressing military involvement and how that provoked mass wave of immigrants into the United States.  In recent times, many US citizens are discontent with the amount of people that come […]

Research topic

  (economic refugee) broad topic  US interference in Central America Focused Topic US interference in El Salvador, Civil wars Possible Research Question How does U.S capitalistic interest in (country) disturb there  lifestyles and provoke mass waves of migrants into the United States?

Chapter 3, Illegal People…

Key Terms and Phrases – NAFTA- is an agreement among the United States, Canada and Mexico designed to remove tariff barriers between the three countries. -“It’s still common critique that NAFTA freed the movement of goods and capital not the movement of people.” (Page 51) –Bracero Program– was a series of laws and diplomatic agreements, […]

Enrique’s Journey Discussion Questions

Do you believe there is a direct connection between American interference and mass migration numbers? How does Enrique’s story relate back to what Chang said in Disposable Domestics? How does poverty correlate with the abuse of drug in Central American countries? As seen in Enrique’s Journey people are willing to go travel long distances and […]